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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Dr. Titi

It was a hectic Monday morning in 2013, with medical students rushing in and out of the medical school administration building. Everyone looked focused and equipped for their studies in their white coats, scrubs, bags with stethoscopes sticking out, laptops, electronic tablets and very little time to spare to say hello to anyone else. One young woman settling into her first year in medical school had arrived at the building to meet the students' association executive in charge of distributing white coats.

She located him told him why she was there: she needed her first white coat. He lazily handed her one and asked her to sign for it. Surprised by his inattentive attitude, she asked if he would not inquire about her size, or whether she wanted more than one coat. He told her it was of no importance since most of the coats were of similar sizes, and she was only entitled to one. After trying it on, it felt like a sackcloth: heavy and loose. Being fashion-conscious, she wondered what she could do to make this coat fit, as well as get a few more for the schooling weeks ahead; washing one coat every-day for repeated wear would not be practical.

After some thought, she went to her tailor and proposed he altered her current white coat to fit to her style preference and size, as well as sew a couple more for her. When they were completed, they were a perfect fit. She decided to outdoor her new coats the next day. Finally feeling fashionable and comfortable with herself, she could see others admiring her new look. A few people approached her to find out where she got her white coat styled, and this was when her business idea started brewing.

The innovative medical doctor, Dr. Linda Danladi, while she was a first year student in medical school, founded Six Sigma (now Rholin Apparels), a fashion line tailored to medical professionals and students. The business idea was birthed and worked on as she balanced both entrepreneurship and education and now still combines it with being a full-time medical doctor. Starting by providing functional yet fashion-conscious medical clothing to her colleagues and classmates, she later branched out to approaching corporate entities. Three years later, official operations began; the business gained an office premises and a handful of competent hires that helped promote and sustain it so it could expand to accommodate a more diverse clientele. She widened her product offering to clients outside the health sector, supplying coveralls, helmets, industrial boots and other personal protective equipment in addition to the line of white coats, hospital scrubs and theater clogs.

After ensuring that the company was structured to operate as efficiently as possible, a public launch was finally held in January 2018 with dignitaries from all over Ghana attending the event. The business also took to social media not only to sell its wares (a venture that proved effective), but to build a community and a fan base of people who constantly engage with its content and are always looking forward to what Rholin Apparels has in store next. Despite the usual hurdles that come with starting a business, and the added difficulty of combining this with being a full-time medical doctor, things have taken off well and Rholin Apparels has been able to build a portfolio of great clientele and create a sustainable business. Just in 5 years, Rholin Apparels has managed to supply many apparels to a large group of buyers, both corporate entities and individuals in and beyond Ghana. The business has contributed to economic growth by creating jobs, directly and indirectly, for others. Rholin Apparels boasts of much enjoyed and varied products of all sizes, styles and colours for both men and women, in the areas of scrubs, white coats, theatre shoes, stethoscopes, aprons, coveralls, boots, and many more.

Until something is done, people tell tales of how impossible it is. Sam Levenson the American humorist once said, "You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself". Every individual is gripped by fear at some point in his or her life but only daring people leave their marks on this planet. A journey that starts in the mind of an individual can become the reality someone else has yearned to live.

Today we have a unique brand, an avant-garde fashion line carving a new path with respect to our daily professional appearances. Rholin Apparels has grown to be more than just a revolution in workplace fashion. It has become a movement to enable a growing community of professionals to look good, build confidence and present themselves as successful individuals. In the years to come, Rholin Apparels aims to be a game changer and an inspiration to more professional people worldwide, giving people the tools they need to succeed in their paths.

This fifth anniversary is the first milestone celebration of how far Rholin Apparels has come in just a short time; and is a heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed in making the business what it is today. Thank you to all those who made a young woman’s dream a blooming reality affecting many lives.

Happy Anniversary, everyone!

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