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Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Doctors are real life superheroes: they put in their all to save our lives, day after day. That is literally their job! It is National Doctor’s Day today and we just want to celebrate and appreciate the doctors in our lives. Many people worldwide have stories and experiences to share about how doctors have touched their lives. Here are stories and notes of gratitude from some of these people, saying one thing: thank you, doctor!

“I would like to say thanks to a particular dentist at White Tooth Dental Clinic in East Legon. I had an appointment with her last year, and she called me twice after the procedure to check on me. I thought that was really sweet. You do not usually get that. Wherever you are thank you!”

- Kojo Ibadin

“Once I went for a check-up at the Diagnostic Center at East Legon, and after the procedure the doctor (a female) evangelized to me and gave me some advice and biblical leaflets. I needed some encouragement at the time and her talk was the pick-up I needed.”

- Ebo Johnson

“When I had cellulitis years ago, there was one particular doctor that forced my parents to put me on admission. At that moment, I felt it was unnecessary, but I am glad that she insisted because the disease was more dangerous than I thought. I do not know what would have happened to me if I was not admitted to the hospital. I know its 37 hospital, but the doctors name, I really do not remember because it was years ago. But I still remember how she saved my life, till this day.”

- Emmanuel Deegbe

“I wasn't breathing well; I was panicking because I had been coughing heavily for about an hour. It really scared me because it happened out of nowhere. I told my favourite doctor at my clinic about it and I said, "I felt like I was going to die." He asked me, "Have you died before?" It made me laugh and allowed me to calm down. He was very sympathetic but he was just a funny person. Although I was coughing all the time in my office for like a month, his jokes helped me cope and I never panicked again.”

- Debbie Nyamuame

“My mum is a nutritionist /doctor. She is always there for me when I am sick. The nicest thing she did was spend all night with me when I was sick last year. She prayed for me and attended to me till morning.”

- Buer Plahar

“I was really sick of something (I still don't know what it was till now) but I had been ill for weeks under the guise that it was malaria. When I was finally rushed to SSNIT hospital, I was about half my weight. When I got there, I was about 100th in line patiently waiting for my turn to go see the doctor. You see, before we get to see a doctor you must call ahead, but you would still have to wait in queue before you are checked. Then if they deem you fit or rather unfit, you are admitted. A doctor was passing by when she saw my condition, and she asked us to her office. I thought there were others waiting who were worse off but according to her, I was dying. I was immediately put in a wheelchair and carted off like a lump of coal in human form to a hospital bed, where I promptly received an IV for nutrients and subsequently, medication. She saved my life.”

- Peter Vanderpuye

“This doctor I met on admission was like a father to me. He made sure I was ok and checked on me every hour. He always bought me fruits when he found out that I did not want to eat. I appreciated the special attention. I don’t remember his name but he was at Royal Good Shepherd.”

- Harriet Antwi

“A Female Doctor at Nyaho Clinic was very patient and nice, spoke calmly, and took her time to explain things to me. It was the breast cancer month and I went for their free breast examination. She helped me really understand breast cancer so now I am more knowledgeable.”

- Kafui Praise

“Last year when I got Malaria, I was admitted at Bank of Ghana Clinic and after I came home, the doctor called my Mum to find out if I was well. That stuck with me and I really appreciated it.”

- Joseph Nti

“This doctor went beyond asking just about symptoms. He asked about my lifestyle, asked about my sleep, asked about what I eat the most in terms of frequency. After prescribing drugs to me, he told me about how I can minimize the risks of some diseases by changing a few things. He just seemed nice and concerned. I have forgotten his name but he’s at HealthNet in Airport.”

- Michael ‘Slayzie’ Arthur

“I’ve not had a lot of encounters with doctors but one thing I can say about a doctor I met at a hospital at Osu – I went there because I was having problems with my abdomen, and the way he engaged me was really good. I like the way he just asked me questions; it was not like any other doctor I have met. He really seemed to know what he was doing.”

- Kelvin Owusu

“Apparently my wisdom tooth could not come out because my gum was covering it and it caused an infection. It was swollen and they said the only way to fix it is to cut the gum off so the wisdom tooth can come out. Even with that, there was no certainty that it would grow out but they just wanted to give it chance, and if it does not come out they would have to take out the tooth altogether. I had gone to the dentist just to get some medicine, but I ended up having a surgery. During the surgery, he was really nice. He asked me to think about the happiest moment of my life. I did, and it helped. During the surgery he kept asking if I was okay, and saying “sorry”. I was in pain for days afterwards and it was terrible. I do not even know what strength I used to get to work. I could not eat and I could not talk. After the surgery, he took my number and he kept texting me to see if I was okay and to check on how I was doing. Even now he still checks up to see if I have any issues or if I am okay.”

- Daphne Arthur

“There is a doctor that helped bring me into this world, so first of all, thank you to her. There was this time in my life where I kept getting runny tummy easily. As soon as I eat, I have to go. However, whenever I went to the hospital they would say I am fine, technically. One doctor noticed that I had long nails and she noticed that whatever dirt kept lodging itself under my nails was getting into my food and making me sick. When I started clipping my nails, the issue stopped. Every time she would remind me to, so I do not forget and get sick. It is a little thing but it meant so much. That was really nice and she went beyond the normal to look out for me.”

- Egyir Taylor


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