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National Doctor's Day

Today’s National Doctor’s Day in the USA and it’s worth celebrating in Ghana to recognize doctor’s for their hard work and contribution to society. Doctors remain real life superheroes, they stay up by day and by night to care about us. Their smiles turn us happy and glad. They create smiles to care for others. We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all Doctors who through their relentless efforts seek to make lives better.

In honor of Doctor’s Day we spoke with some few doctors to find out what their experiences have been as a doctor. Here are messages from these amazing doctors!

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“I’m a doctor and I am an Entrepreneur and a Fashionista”.

Meet our boss lady Dr. Linda Titi Danladi, she is not only the founder of Rholin but a doctor herself. She keenly tells us, “I like to stand out in all I do. I can be a really good doctor and a phenomenal entrepreneur and I can still have my nails done, I can still feel like a woman, and look like a woman.” I am a doctor and the executive director of a thriving company. My profession makes me creative and daring. To be a doctor is not to be rigid; I like to look the part. I rather look forward to the future standing tall on a stiletto. I find freedom in what I do and taking care of lives makes me appreciate it the more.

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“I’m a doctor and I am an Ambitious Entrepreneur”.

Meet Dr. Elorm Nortey Adom. He says “I am a new age medical officer who seeks excellence in every endeavour of mine. I strive for diversity, proper communication and development to thrive. I serve patients with passion and respect. I revel in challenges that's why I like this quote “A hard thing is done by figuring out how to start.” – Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz This is what makes me live the combination of Medicine and entrepreneurship. This is what makes me unique

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“I’m a doctor and I am A Child of God”

Dr. Akua Oforiwa Amoa shares; “the study of science does not Cripple one's faith. To be a doctor is not to be brain washed.

Doctors are loving, caring and have faith in God!”

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“I’m a doctor and I am Fearless”

Dr. Olorunfemi Adebola, she’s fearless, bold, audacious and beautiful. This makes her so tact in decision making about health and human life. Whatever the case, with relentless efforts, she will come out a winner.

Be like Femi. She is bold, beautiful and a doctor.

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“I’m a doctor and I am Black and Smart”

Meet Dr. Juliana Idun, the smart doctor with the beautiful dark skin. She has a beautiful heart too.

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“I’m a doctor and I am Human”

Dr. Mary Margaret Pwamang says “people often think a doctor can’t fall sick, get upset etc but hey we are humans too! We fall sick, get upset.

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“I’m a doctor and I am Telling You, Trust Me and Not Google”.

Dr. Claudia Ansong says “Tell me again how you went on WEBMD and you think you know what’s wrong. “

Let a doctor check you first, not google.

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“I’m a doctor and I am A Woman”

Patients see women in white coats with stethoscope and call us nurses.Hardly do you find someone who addresses a female as a doctor upon first encounter.

"Being a Doctor makes me hopeful about many things. It makes me aspire to many things." says Dr. Queenster Thompson.

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"I'm a doctor and I am a musician"

Meet Dr. Kelvin Amenyedor (Dr. Laylow). He tells us, “I am a singer/rapper/songwriter and I happen to be part of the noble profession, doctor. I love being a doctor but music is my passion.

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"I'm a doctor and I am inspiring (Your future Paediatrician)"

Dr. Emefa Kpodo shares with us, “My love for kids is what got me into this profession and i must say it's utterly fulfilling!

To put a smile on sick faces every day is a great feeling but trust me seeing a critically ill child recover fully..nothing beats that! And inspiring others in the process is what drives me..

Hopefully it won't be long till you meet your future Paediatrician 🤗”


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