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It is International Nurses Day today, and what better way is there to kick off our Rholin’s Angels blog category than by speaking with the lovely Esi, one of our favorite nurses! Esi is a young and passionate nurse who dedicates herself to making a difference with her career, to touch lives in her own way. She is an example of the many other nurses out there that we want to celebrate today. Read up on her as she tells us more about her life, profession and experiences as a nurse; and shares some motivational messages to encourage us all.

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Esi Asare Anderson, and I am a nurse.

How did you get into this profession?

I set out to apply for the nursing course at the Nursing Training College, and I was accepted. That is how I got into the profession.

Was this always your dream?

Yes! It has always been my dream to be a nurse, and that is why there was no hesitation when I applied to the Nursing Training College after school.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my patients recover. It gives me a great sense of fulfillment to see that all the care and effort I have put in to make my patients feel better, paid off. I feel blessed through that.

What is the most challenging part?

In my opinion, the most challenging parts of my job are the situations where the equipment to work with are not adequate. It makes it very difficult to execute my tasks and make a difference but I still work hard to do the best I can in those situations.
Another challenging part of the job is a lack of a social life. Sometimes I work for long periods and I barely get time to see my family and loved ones. It is quite an involving job, but the rewards are worth it.

What do you do when things get challenging?

When things get challenging, I just remind myself of the lives that God is using me to heal. That is a great motivator to me, and encourages me to lift my head and get back to work.

What is your most memorable moment on the job?

My most memorable moment is very simple but it meant so much to me. One of the patients I attended to recovered fully, and as a thank you, he invited us nurses to a dinner party. I felt so appreciated in that moment.

What tips and advice do you have for someone who wants to be where you are now?

My advice is to work hard, pray and never give up on your dreams. That perseverance and dedication is what will get you there.

What are your plans for the future: short term and long term?

*laughing* It is a secret. Just watch this space!

Who is your role model? Why?

My role model is Yvonne Nelson (Ghanaian Actress). I love her so much! She is positive, hardworking, a go-getter and adorable as well as humble. These qualities are necessary to build you towards your goals.

Leave us with a motivational quote!

Remember that God knows all that you are going through: the pain, betrayal, struggles and battles are all God’s calculated plans … there is no growth without change, no change without fear and loss, and no loss without pain. But, the outcome will never be in doubt.

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