The company founded by Medical Professional, Dr. Linda Danladi, a very eclectic and ambitious young woman, Rholin Apparel  came into being in 2013 to give professional attire a trendy, chic and contemporary revamp. The name Rholin stems from two separate words, Rho, which is a Greek word representing the 17th Greek alphabet;  this is a symbol of creative female power and growth, while Lin is the first three letters of the founder's name; the perfect combination.

Rholin Apparel  has formed an inventive team of designers, tailors, software developers and bloggers  with individual abilities from extremely rich backgrounds harnessed into a strong team effort. 

Rholin Apparel  is a truly unique brand pushing the borders of style in our workplaces. It provides a wide range of products that are tailored to the needs of its clients. Rholin is a collection of unmatched talent, diligent and dependable individuals providing unmatched elegance in your workplace. 

I murmured to myself "Why do I feel like I'm wearing a sack cloth?" as I put on my first white coat in medical school. It was huge, it was heavy and very loose. I was sure this was not made for me. I inquired if I could choose another one but the executive from the medical association who was sharing the coats just smiled at me and said "There isn't much of a variety, it's either this or something else exactly like this one". 
I was a bit dismayed initially, being a very fashionable individual on a daily basis, I thought it would damage my ego to walk around looking like a snowman in my white coat. It added a few kilos to my look. To add salt to injury, I was given just one white coat. I was not willing to wear it throughout the week. 
I needed more than one coat a week. I was determined to make that happen and with the aid of my tailor we made it fit to perfection: this was the birth of Rholin Apparel . 
To make the working man or woman in uniform strut confidently and gracefully at their workplace; that was the idea. 
Rholin is a brand that provides you with a fashionable lifestyle in your working environment on a daily basis. 


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